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How to create fun kid’s spaces


If you have been thinking about creating a fun space for kids in your home but don’t know quite where to start, or are struggling for ideas, know that you’re not alone.

Maybe soon you will be creating or recreating a space in your home just for kids. There’s no shortage of ideas or inspiration for such a project, whether your aim is a space for education, for play, or just a place for kids to call their own.

When creating a fun space for kids, there are some tips to make it truly kid-friendly. Here are a few:

The point of view – Remember, kids are smaller, and how they see a room from a lower level will be different than yours. Put some thought into placing items – chalkboards, shelves, wall art – at a lower eye-level so kids have access to all that they need, along with kids-sized tables and chairs. This blog about a homework area looks at how to keep things simple, sorted and not distracting.

An inviting space – Consider what you would like the children to be doing, and create a motivating invitation. For an art area, like these on Pinterest, go beyond just placing art supplies out; create a comfortable and inspiring area that’s prepared with everything they need to be creative within arm’s reach. Similarly, if your goal is a space for reading, prepare pillows, blankets or a comfy beanbag or chair to invite them to sit and stay awhile.

The right colors and design – Think about what your design invites kids to do rather than how it looks. Use bright colors where you can – on the walls, for accessories (like chairs or pillows or baskets) or even floor tiles in rugs – to help inspire creativity. Pinterest has many ideas on how to explore using different colors and shapes.

Try a theme – The best spaces for kids will invite them in and get them to stay, and an overall theme might be an idea if you have the space and the resources. Whether you’re considering a play area, homework area or an entire bedroom, themes like these on Houzz help create fun and inspiring spaces. Kids will feel comfortable in these types of spaces and will love a space they can call their own. With some careful consideration and planning you can blend colors, design and functionality to create spaces like these spaces on Pinterest.

Perfect Guest Bedroom


Often times our spare bedrooms end up being untouched spaces or unofficial storage units where all of our miscellaneous belongs get shipped off to. Creating a space for houseguests that is inviting while still versatile for your needs when no one is visiting can be a bit of a challenge, but with a few simple touches you can ensure your guest bedroom is no longer an underutilized area of the home. Your first step is to clear the clutter. This is especially true when guests are due to arrive soon. Investing in storage boxes and bins for your personal items ensures you won’t need to clear all of your belongs each time someone visits and it also keeps the room airy and appealing for your guests. You also don’t need to settle on boring and unstylish plastic storage bins either. Here are some inspiration photos for storage containers that can add a stylish flare to any room: http://www.pinterest.com/rlsenn/storage-containers/. Check out this unique storage idea for utilizing the space under your bed:http://www.pinterest.com/pin/83527768060324674/. Having trouble organizing your closet trinkets? Take a look at this organizational idea:http://www.pinterest.com/pin/48976714667186686/.

The next step to making your guests feel at home is to set the scene with extra pillows, blankets and towels placed out for easy access. Adding in a small vase of fresh cut flowers is a perfect way to gain some extra hospitality points as well.  If you have your seasonal clothes in the drawers in your guest room, you can still accommodate your guests with some inexpensive luggage racks so clothing is easily accessible. Here is a visual list of a few more items you may want to include: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/103301385174128872/. When it comes to beds, the common thought is a queen or king sized arrangement. If you find yourself with a higher traffic of visitors, you may want to look into the two twin bed configuration. Here are some ideas on how to implement this design style:http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/161978/

Details make all the difference when it comes to guest bedrooms. Having a motion-sensor night-light plugged in alleviates the confusion when shuffling around an unfamiliar place in the dark of the night. Make sure the light bulbs in the table lamps work and the television remote has batteries. Another welcoming touch is having a toiletry bag ready and available in your guest room for your future visitors. Include that with some extra towels, a washcloth and toilet paper. This will keep your guests out of the linen closet searching for these essentials and you happy.

Something simple and elegant like this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/460704236850865878/is universally appealing.  Some other great touches are hyper-local magazines, brochures of attractions nearby, a list of your address and cross streets and a spare key. This is an obvious fit for visitors renting but also perfect for friends and family. When it comes to the time of the year where you have your home all to yourself, it’s nice to add some elements into your spare room that give you incentive to use it more often. Daybeds provide versatility and invite you to use the room any time. Add some of your favorite books, which can lead you to using the room as a quite space to read and offers your guests some more entertainment.

Trends for modern tech-smart homes


The latest and greatest in technology isn’t limited to a gadget you can hold in your hand or the computer that operates your car. More and more, they can be embraced inside your home.

Home technology is a hot industry, and some of the latest trends and products can give you a smart-home that makes your living space technically savvy. Not only will these advances in home technology make your life easier, but they also represent top-selling features that can add value to your home.

Here’s a look at some examples of the latest in technology for your home:

Complete home integration.
The day is nearly here when you can run every subsystem in your home from a mobile app. Nearly. But today you can experience the convenience of running all of the systems – lighting, audio, video, security, HVAC, cameras, etc. – from any touchscreen for complete control of nearly everything in your home, like this product from Goodhousekeeping.com.

Make your flatscreen (almost) invisible.
Many homeowners want the latest in flatscreen television technology but don’t want to stare at the huge screens when they’re not watching. No problem. Check out this pop-up ceiling lift on HGTVremodels.com, a transparent TV (like this one designed by Michael Friebe), or even a mirror that turns into a TV.

User-friendly ovens.
You can have a kitchen like the Jetson’s with an oven that has a built-in Android tablet, allowing you to search online for restaurants, surf for recipes and control the oven from a mobile device. PCWorld.com offers a look at Dacor’s Discovery smart oven.

A magic mirror.
How about a fully functioning mirror that has a built-in display connected to the Internet so that you can browse the web, watch videos, check the weather and more — all while getting ready in the morning? Check out this version from Brit.co.

Monitor energy usage in real-time.
New sustainable energy solutions can eliminate standby power completely, shut down appliances for brief periods, and study your daily habits in real-time that affect your homes’ energy consumption. Integrating this systems combines renewable energy and energy conservation.

Toilets of the future.
Toilets continue to become more advanced, like the Numi Toilet that has a touchscreen interface, built-in speakers, motion detection and can connect via Bluetooth.  Others, like this example from PopularMechanics.com that uses less than a gallon per flush, focus on conservation.

Home theater trends.
Nearly everything is new when it comes to home theater trends, especially when it comes to the convergence of web-based mobile apps and streaming internet content.  Internet-enabled devices bring everything on the Internet to your TV, and it can all be controlled from a mobile device. Wireless media systems are continually innovative and withproducts like Apple TV you can access podcasts, internet radio and music from cloud storage.

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